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Floppy Knights (PC)


Poznaj Floppy Knights! Taktyka łączy się z mechaniką gry karcianej, gdy Phoebe i Carlton, genialna młoda wynalazczyni i jej bestia z robotem, walczą w turowych bitwach. Wybierz swoich Rycerzy, udoskonal swoją talię i realizuj strategię zwycięstwa!

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⚙️ Steam
🗝 Digital key

Hello there, humans. It is me, Carlton! Phoebe’s most trusted friend and super cool robot arm. I am here to tell you just a little bit more about Phoebe and her latest invention: Floppy Knights!

Who is Phoebe, you ask? She is a talented inventor with a mission: save up enough cash to finally move out of her parents’ place. There are plenty of odd jobs all over town but only one Phoebe – and that is where the Floppy Knights come in!

There are a bunch of Floppy Knights you can pick from to determine your own style. It will be up to you to mix and match snazzy card combos to make a winning strategy.

Turn-based tactics meet card-game strategy.
A fresh take on two familiar genres! Lead your Knights to victory across the battlefield using decks you have crafted with care.

Enter a vibrant world filled with retro tech and magic.
Jump into a fantastical land with hand-drawn visuals by Marlowe Dobbe (Dicey Dungeons), featuring lush vegetation, treacherous volcanoes, icy caves, and foggy forests.

Find your Floppy fighting style!
Every unit has a unique playstyle and ability to generate special cards during battle, creating endless possibilities.

Each deck of Floppy Knights represents a different faction and strategy:

  • Plants Deck – Upgrade your abilities, heal allies, and gain terrain advantages.
  • Monsters Deck – Add armor and trade HP for buffs.
  • Hooligans Deck – Three words: sneaky, poisonous, fast.